Ep.#16: Heaven’s ‘NO PANTS’ Policy

March 5th, 2014

Time waits for no man. Harold Ramis passes, Becker's season in Costa Rica draws to a close, John now stands while sitting at his desk and Greg prepares for Halloween in March.

Recorded February 28, 2014 (kind of) on Mat Becker’s backyard bus in Anchorage Alaska with Mat Becker (Costa Rica), John Norris (Anchorage, Alaska) & Greg Chaille (Sammamish, WA). Engineered and produced by Greg Chaille.

CNN Tribute to Harold Ramis - http://youtu.be/P_SPWeDWxDs
Check out UBUNTU - http://www.ubuntu.com/
Ghost Ride Productions - http://ghostride.com
Transworld's Halloween & Attractions Show - http://www.haashow.com/

Near The Wild, Alaska Podcast with Matt Becker, John Norris and Greg Chaille. Engineered and Produced by Greg Chaille. @gregchaille

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